Hi, my name is Daniel Ostertag, but I use Dakes as my online username.

Daniel Ostertag at work, looking at one of three monitors

Computer Science

I am a developer and Linux/FOSS enthusiast, most proficient in Python , TypeScript and Bash , but also know quite a bit about C and C++ .
In 2021 I have completed my Bachelors Degree at the wonderful university in Landshut. Since then I have worked on a few personal projects and a paper in one of my most favourite fields: Image processing. For this paper, I even recieved the "Award for creativity" of the ICDD conference, where I presented it.


As my passion for Image processing might suggest, am I also a hobby photographer. You can find some of my work, which I am most proud of here.
Besides Photography I also am a musician. I played Trumpet since being 6 years old, but recently also picked up the saxophone and now play mainly Baritone Saxophone.
I play at the Jugendorchester Gersthofen in the A-Orchester and JUGGE Offbeat, as well as the Gerry Fried Big-Band.
Furthermore, am I a big fan of Bonsai trees and a Bonsai Culturist and have cultivated quite a few bonsai in my ever growing collection.